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Membrace Helped Block 16M Scam Ads and 60K Fraudulent Accounts for a Tech Giant’s Ad Platform

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One of Europe’s biggest tech companies runs a targeted advertising platform that deals with tens of millions of targeted ads annually. Such volumes of data are notoriously hard to moderate effectively: that’s where Membrace comes in. Just in the first half of 2022, our moderation system powered by machine learning and crowdsourcing helped block over 66 thousand accounts attempting to place fraudulent or inappropriate banners. It’s two times more than the platform was able to handle in the same period of 2021. To add to that, over 16 million scam advertisements failed to pass our robust checks.

In sporadic cases, our algorithms may be uncertain, and questionable content still passes through — we solve this with user feedback and human-in-the-loop moderators. Thanks to the ad control panel developed by the platform, any user can resubmit an ad they find unsavory for another moderation check. We’ve found that users interact with this feature more than 73 million times a month. In June alone, over 500 thousand ads were resubmitted to our system this way and promptly reprocessed.

With the help of Membrace, the advertising platform ensured that users only see personalized ads that are actually useful to their everyday needs. But we don’t stop at ads: Membrace’s AI models can be customized to sift through any type of user-generated content according to your needs. Empower your own online platform with our cutting-edge content moderation solution.

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4 Aug
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