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On 1-2 June, the Membrace team attended Emerge 2022

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On 1-2 June, the Membrace team attended Emerge 2022, an international conference that brings startups and investors together to talk tech. Ecommerce is a vital part of our lives and an ever-growing industry: it’s no wonder there are so many cutting-edge solutions that specifically target ecom. We provide one of such solutions, a platform to tackle the rapidly increasing demand for moderation in ecommerce.

On that note, let’s dive into what makes Membrace a perfect tool for moderating your online marketplaces. There’s no doubt that subpar moderation can seriously tarnish customer experience, which, in turn, can have grim consequences for your business. We provide a feature-packed platform driven by algorithms, making your online marketplace more welcoming than ever.

During our panel, we presented how Membrace achieves this goal. It’s an impressively flexible moderation system that can be adapted to problems specific to your service. We can fix miscategorized listings, detect counterfeit goods via brand detection, remove duplicate SKUs, delete low-quality images, and catch inappropriate product reviews with an astonishing accuracy of over 95%. Set up some of the checks — or apply all of them! We will sift through your content with remarkable speed and label each entry in the process. In the rare cases where our models struggle, we fall back to a human-in-the-loop approach.

In addition to deleting content, you can use the labels Membrace assigns to your listings for implementing extra features: for example, to improve your search and ensure that users find exactly what they’re looking for.

Next, we discussed a solution we’ve built for one of our major clients, a vast marketplace processing 20-30M new listings per month. We’ve constructed two pipelines: one for basic moderation and another for sophisticated manual deduplication. The former is highly automated, and roughly 90% of checks are done without any human intervention. The latter is involved in particularly perplexing cases where humans need to get involved.

But we don’t stop at just ecom: Membrace can perform first-class moderation for virtually any kind of online service, such as social media, dating apps, and forums. Currently, we process over 10M items a day, all while maintaining a near-perfect overall quality.

We provide pre-trained models and ready-to-go crowdsourcing solutions that support 35 classes out of the box, which is sufficient to cover most clients’ cases. If these are not enough, we can create custom checks on top of the standard ones, tailored for your specific needs.

Want to learn more about Membrace? If you feel like chatting, contact us anytime — we’ll gladly tell you more about our solutions and run a demo for you.

15 Feb
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