The CIS region's leading online marketplace

How Membrace helped a major marketplace with $2 billion in GMV to seamlessly moderate tens of millions of images and customer reviews, enhance content, validate categorization, and deduplicate offers.
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About the customer
Company Goal
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About the customer

The CIS region's leading online marketplace

The customer is the top online service in the CIS region for selecting goods and shopping. With a robust user base, the platform boasts $2 billion in GMV, 78,000 active sellers and 58+ million product offers. The collaboration with Membrace aimed to elevate the overall user experience and streamline shopping processes across millions of daily transactions.
Company Goal

Shaping a superior digital marketplace environment

The customer wants to offer an enriched shopping experience by ensuring accurate and relevant content. This involves moderating a large number of images, deduplicating offers, validating categories accurately, and maintaining the integrity and friendliness of customer reviews. The commitment is to not just meet but exceed user expectations for a seamless and trustworthy online shopping environment.

Tailored Hybrid AI moderation and enrichment by Membrace

Membrace introduced customized Hybrid AI solutions to enhance marketplace's user experience. These innovations tackled key challenges:
Image moderation
Enhanced user attraction and platform appeal through quality and appropriateness checks.
Offer deduplication
Simplified user navigation by eliminating redundant listings, ensuring ease of product discovery.
Customer review monitoring
The Hybrid AI-backed process vigilantly checks reviews to maintain a friendly and safe environment, promoting positive interactions.
Content enhancement
Elevated user experience by enriching visuals, refining product narratives, and enhancing specifications.
Categorization validation
Improved product search accuracy by correcting misclassifications, ensuring seamless user browsing.
These strategies, implemented through Membrace's advanced moderation and enrichment solutions, significantly elevated the quality of content and user satisfaction on the platform.

“30 million+ content units moderated each month”

With $2 billion in GMV, 78,000 active sellers and 58+ million product offers, we have an enormous volume of images and product pages being created daily. Membrace has been instrumental in helping us ensure a high quality experience for customers on our platform.

In fact, Membrace helps us remove 90,000+ low-quality images per day, and improve 13,000 product pages, with an accuracy of 95%. This saves us an incredible amount of time, and drives up our sales due to a better experience for buyers.
Head of Product

Creating a trusted, streamlined ecommerce experience for all users

With Membrace's Hybrid AI stepping into the scene, content management at the marketplace transformed: tasks simplified, and results soared. The result — a robust digital shopping ecosystem. This means better handling of daily user interactions with increased efficiency.
30 million+
Content units moderated
each month
Low-quality images
removed daily
Error-laden product
pages corrected daily
Stands as moderation accuracy rate
Rate of category
validation accuracy
Categories benefited from efficient offer validation
This case study was prepared by the Membrace team:
Valentina Semenova
Tatyana Tsymbalova
Dmitry Vasiliev
Rafael Kalimullin
Marketing Manager
Published: Feb 02, 2024
About the customer
Company Goal
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