Image Moderation Solution

Check the quality and appropriateness of images to make your service even more attractive to users

Solution can detect the following classes


Descriptions of sexual intercourse that include physiological details, descriptions of genitals, and actions with them in any context, artistic or medical


Descriptions of sex or someone's appearance that are informational in nature and don't mention gross physiological details

Sex toys

The image contains sex toys (like vibrators, handcuffs, and BDSM gear)


The picture shows alcoholic beverages or their consumption


The picture shows tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, or smoking


Ads or propaganda of narcotic substances


The image shows gambling tables, online casino and gambling apps on a phone/tablet/computer, and slot machine screensavers


Scenes of violence, brutality, fights, blood, wounds, dismemberment, or horrified faces


Visualization of diseases and anatomical details in an unpleasant or frightening context, cosmetological or medical injections

Our solutions are applied in the following industries

E-commerce and сlassifieds

Show examplesProduct cards

Online Communities

Show examplesScreenshots from chats

Dating Services

Show examplesScreenshots from social media profiles

We support various languages

Icon EnglishIcon SpanishIcon GermanIcon FrenchIcon PolishIcon TurkishIcon DutchIcon ItalianIcon SwedishIcon ArabicIcon ChineseIcon RussianIcon JapaneseIcon PortugueseIcon Portuguese
Icon EnglishIcon SpanishIcon GermanIcon FrenchIcon PolishIcon TurkishIcon DanishIcon SwedishIcon ArabicIcon ChineseIcon RussianIcon JapaneseIcon PortugueseIcon ItalianIcon many others

Membrace solutions adapt to your specific needs

Flexible ML models tailored towards your goals

Why working with Membrace?

Large and responsive crowd

We have over 2M workers distributed over the globe, so manual checks are available 24/7


We can process any volume of data, including spikes caused by spam attacks, breaking news, flash mobs, or organic growth


Customizable moderation classes for brand-appropriate responses

Continuous fine-tuning

Our crowd force can handle any granularity of detail, and our models continue to learn from incoming user data

High accuracy
in unique cases

We apply a multitude of QA methods to both our human-in-the-loop moderators and our ML models

Real-time moderation

For rapidly growing, large-scale, and fast-paced businesses

Other solutions


Detect unpleasant or rude communication or mentions of prohibited products and services.
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Check videos for prohibited scenes and content that might interfere with a pleasant viewing.
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Identify unwanted content in audio tracks, check the sound quality and signal.
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Case Studies

We've worked with the world's leading AI teams for years, and delivered more high-quality data than anybody else.

World’s top 3 “Buy now, pay later” provider

How Membrace helped a major BNPL player to visualize its buyers’ sentiment toward popular products, and ensure trust and safety, with a peak load of 250,000 objects per day.
Daily Processed Objects
Peak daily workload
Solution accuracy
Marketplace screen

The CIS region's leading online marketplace

How Membrace helped a major marketplace with $2 billion in GMV to seamlessly moderate tens of millions of images and customer reviews, enhance content, validate categorization, and deduplicate offers.
30+ mln.
Units moderated
per month
Low quality images
per day removed
Error-laded product
pages corrected daily
Marketplace screen

WEE: UAE's fast-growing marketplace, from store to door in 1 hour

Membrace's Hybrid AI streamlines onboarding, enabling WEE and sellers to launch quality listings quickly. Shortened publishing times pave the way for a superior marketplace experience for everyone involved.
listings enriched in the first WEEk
faster time-to-publish rate
10 – 40
product attributes checked
and enriched in pre-moderation
Marketplace screen
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