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WEE: UAE's fast-growing marketplace, from store to door in 1 hour

Membrace's Hybrid AI speeds up onboarding, allowing WEE and its sellers to post quality listings quickly, leading to a better marketplace experience.
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Company Goal
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About the customer

WEE: UAE's gateway to speedy online shopping

WEE is a fast-growing marketplace in the UAE. Known for partnerships with major market brands and local small and medium-sized businesses, the company offers a wide range of products and promises quick, one-hour delivery. The extensive collection includes electronics, toys, furniture, personal care products, and more.
Company Goal

Accelerating market penetration and seller onboarding

WEE is focused on growing fast by making it easier for sellers to join. The company seeks solutions that streamline the process. The main goal is to quickly publish and enrich seller listings, ensuring they are ready for the market.

Membrace's Hybrid AI: The perfect system for rapid product listing enrichment

WEE found its solution in Membrace's Hybrid AI — a modern tech blending AI with human expertise to enrich and publish product listings quickly. This automated solution involves a seamless process. Here's how it works:

The Membrace team receives the product listings. The Hybrid AI-powered tech compares these details with its database to extract additional information. It then uses automation to form hypotheses about the product based on critical client requirements. Below is an example of the task interface where an automated hypothesis is validated:
A crowd-sourced team then evaluates these automated hypotheses, ensuring each product adheres to WEE's guidelines. Finally, automated and manually collected data are merged to finalize the product card for the client to review. Here's a snapshot of the entire process:
The seamless integration of Hybrid AI and human expertise enriches each listing with 10 to 40 product attributes. This thorough process ensures product listings that are not only complete in all aspects but also perfectly tailored for WEE's marketplace.

"10x faster publish rate with 1k+ listings enriched in WEEk 1"

Building a marketplace in an emerging region is a challenge. Sellers expect a short journey from moderation to publishing. That's where our collaboration with Membrace has completely transformed how we handle product listings.

The enrichment of 10 to 40 product details per listing has been particularly transformative, allowing us to showcase our products with unparalleled depth and clarity. The time-to-publish rate is significantly reduced.

We've quickly improved over 1,000 listings, which has delighted our sellers and improved our buyers' experience, distinguishing us in the UAE market.
Anton Sizemin
Commercial Director

Time-to-publish slashed by 10x
with better quality

Membrace's Hybrid AI enriches each WEE listing with 10-40 detailed product attributes, enhancing operations.
Streamlined pre-moderation process, ensuring quality and compliance
10x faster
time-to-publish rate with better quality and compliance speeds up seller onboarding
Over 1,000 listings
were enriched in the first WEEk, accelerating the scaling process.
This case study was prepared by the Membrace team:
Peter Berdnikov
Customer Success Manager
Tatyana Tsymbalova
Daria Sysoeva
Marketing Manager
Published: Feb 02, 2024
About the customer
Company Goal
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