Ensure high-quality content for your marketplace

Get hybrid AI solutions for product offer, ads, product details, categories, search results, reviews

Membrace is a content improvement platform

that leverages Hybrid AI to boost the quality of your e-commerce content while increasing GMV, CR and CLTV

up to 8 %

Increase in Gross Merchandise Value

up to 4 %

Increase in Customer Lifetime Value

up to 11 %

Increase in Conversion Rate
*based on our research with a marketplace with 10M MAU

Trusted by innovators and industry leaders

What our clients say about us

UAE's rapid marketplace with 1-hour delivery promise

"10x faster publish rate with 1k+ listings enriched in WEEk 1"

Building a marketplace in an emerging region is a challenge. Sellers expect a short journey from moderation to publishing. That's where our collaboration with Membrace has completely transformed how we handle product listings.

The enrichment of 10 to 40 product details per listing has been particularly transformative, allowing us to showcase our products with unparalleled depth and clarity. The time-to-publish rate is significantly reduced.

We've quickly improved over 1,000 listings, which has delighted our sellers and improved our buyers' experience, distinguishing us in the UAE market.

Anton Sizemin
Commercial Director
General marketplace

World's top 3 "Buy now, pay later" provider

“Helped to moderate reviews with a peak load of 250,000 objects per day”

Membrace solutions allowed for a comprehensive evaluation of each single review, helped Client visualize the overall buyers' sentiment on popular products and ensure the trust & safety of their buyers across their ecosystem of products.

The daily flow of data for moderation averages 3,000 objects per day, with a peak load of 250,000 objects per day.

Data is supplied in English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Danish and other languages (in total data is supplied in 51 languages)

Fintech for e-commerce platforms

The CIS region's leading online marketplace

“30 million+ content units moderated each month”

With $2 billion in GMV, 78,000 active sellers and 58+ million product offers, we have an enormous volume of images and product pages being created daily. Membrace has been instrumental in helping us ensure a high quality experience for customers on our platform.

In fact, Membrace helps us remove 90,000+ low-quality images per day, and improve 13,000 product pages, with an accuracy of 95%. This saves us an incredible amount of time, and drives up our sales due to a better experience for buyers.

Head of Product
General marketplace
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Case Studies

We've worked with the world's leading AI teams for years, and delivered more high-quality data than anybody else.

World’s top 3 “Buy now, pay later” provider

How Membrace helped a major BNPL player to visualize its buyers’ sentiment toward popular products, and ensure trust and safety, with a peak load of 250,000 objects per day.
Daily Processed Objects
Peak daily workload
Solution accuracy
Marketplace screen

The CIS region's leading online marketplace

How Membrace helped a major marketplace with $2 billion in GMV to seamlessly moderate tens of millions of images and customer reviews, enhance content, validate categorization, and deduplicate offers.
30+ mln.
Units moderated
per month
Low quality images
per day removed
Error-laded product
pages corrected daily
Marketplace screen

WEE: UAE's fast-growing marketplace, from store to door in 1 hour

Membrace's Hybrid AI streamlines onboarding, enabling WEE and sellers to launch quality listings quickly. Shortened publishing times pave the way for a superior marketplace experience for everyone involved.
listings enriched in the first WEEk
faster time-to-publish rate
10 – 40
product attributes checked
and enriched in pre-moderation
Marketplace screen
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Access cutting-edge Hybrid AI through our API

An example of how the API works


Ready-to-use pre-trained

High RPS

To boost content validation and generation


Processes to evaluate and retrain models


Easy to fine-tune


Languages, 100+ Countries

>15M cases per day

Scalable to process any data volume
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