Ensure high-quality content to increase your sales

Validate images and reviews, detect duplicates, improve and make your content attractive and selling
Product cards with a blue sweatshirt and pink sneakers Product cards with a blue sweatshirt and pink sneakers

E-commerce solutions

Image quality validation

Cropped and rotated images
Invalid background
Blur and low resolution
Cropped image with bicycle
Phone on the grass
invalid background
Blurred image with shoe silhouette
Explicit content
Forbidden images
Disgusting images
sex toys
Sex toy  in hand
Revolver with ammo
Inexplicably repulsive

Checking for watermarks & unwanted elements

Unwanted elements
Watermarked Coffee Machines Photo
Soda water packaging
A wristwatch with supersales.com written on it


Match new product offers within your database, or find already existing duplicates
Bicycle product cardsMatching image

Brand detection

By text
By image
Product cards with a picture of glasses
brand detected
Product cards with a picture of sneakers
brand detected

Moderation and analysis of customer reviews

Get insights from customer reviews and learn how satisfied your customers are with each individual aspect of your product
Moderating customer reviews
Identifying the tone and aspects in customer reviews
Screenshots from the chat roomCropped image
Screenshots from the chat roomCropped image

Content improvement

Resolution upscale
Description improvement
Enrichment of product parameters
Comparison of product cards with the book
low resolution
Comparison of product cards with leggings
Comparison of product cards with Panama


Matching competitors’ prices
Validating categories
Comparison of cards with best priceComparison of product cards
best price
Comparison of product cardsComparison of product cards

Tailoring to your guidelines

Photo of a man
Photo of a man

Moderate any content, at any time

Membrace is a flexible content moderation platform that combines ML and Human-In-The-Loop into effective ready-to-go solutions


Check the quality and appropriateness of images to make your service even more attractive to users.
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Detect unpleasant or rude communication or mentions of prohibited products and services.
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Check videos for prohibited scenes and content that might interfere with a pleasant viewing.
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Identify unwanted content in audio tracks, check the sound quality and signal.
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Why working with Membrace?

Large and responsive crowd

We have over 2M workers distributed over the globe, so manual checks are available 24/7


We can process any volume of data, including spikes caused by spam attacks, breaking news, flash mobs, or organic growth


Customizable moderation classes for brand-appropriate responses

Continuous fine-tuning

Our crowd force can handle any granularity of detail, and our models continue to learn from incoming user data

High accuracy
in unique cases

We apply a multitude of QA methods to both our human-in-the-loop moderators and our ML models

Real-time moderation

For rapidly growing, large-scale, and fast-paced businesses

with 10 lines of Python

Membrace is a flexible content moderation platform that combines ML and Human-In-The-Loop into effective ready-to-go solutions
Example code

Case studies

Case studies for E-commerce

Improving user experience and cutting costs with marketplace-specific moderation solutions

Case studies for Online Communities

With a daily audience of millions of users, it publishes about 150K reviews every day


Introducing: Personal Account Page with Analytics Dashboard

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December E-Commerce Digest: Tech Advancements, Strategic Moves, and Regulatory Shifts

Jan 12

GenAI Report by the AIM Group: Insights from Membrace

Dec 27

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