You can now automatically detect thousands of brands with Membrace

Having the ability to automatically detect brands is a powerful time-saving feature for many businesses that sell online, including marketplaces, classifieds, and more. And up to now, you have already been able to detect a number of brands with Membrace.  

Following improvements in automated Brand Detection functionality and the launch of new visual ML models,we are delighted to announce that it is now possible to leverage Membrace to automatically detect not tens, but thousands of brands. This new and improved brand detection functionality works across a range of categories, including Fashion, Beauty, Electronics, Accessories, Sport, Watches and many others. And if you are a Membrace customer with a big database of your own brands, we are able to further train Membrace's ML models, expanding your brand detection functionalities even more.  

How it works

Membrace uses text and visual ML modes, as well as product data bases with intelligent search, to recognize brands. Text models recognize brands in titles and descriptions. Visual models recognize brands logos in images and brands fonts thanks to OCR (optical character recognition) technology.Moreover, many popular products and brands can be recognized from their distinctive visual features with the help of our extensive product database. Membrace combines these data points to provide an accurate identification for each brand.


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