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March 22, 2024

Hybrid AI in ecommerce: Enrich and validate product content for engagement, scale, and higher GMV

AI in ecommerce?

Sounds exciting, but be cautious. Generative AI, including popular models like ChatGPT, is a minor part of the vast AI world. While innovative, it only scratches the surface of what AI can do.

In fact, large language models like ChatGPT choose words based on training data frequency. These models are perfect for handling general tasks, combining a wide range of information to give answers. However, their performance can be inconsistent when faced with complex tasks that demand deep insight or understanding of cultural nuances.

Generative AI is nothing more than a narrow case of using AI in general — a crucial fact often overlooked by many decision-makers."Valentina Semenova, Co-founder and CPO at Membrace

And the limitations become clear in challenging tasks, such as enriching product content. The required precision and scalability exceed the capabilities of tools like chatGPT. Clearly, it would help if you had a sharper, more advanced Al innovation to bridge the gap.

Time for a synergistic approach

Enter Membrace's Hybrid AI, where lightning-fast AI meets human expertise, a true game-changer for marketplaces, classifieds, and any platform with large amounts of user-generated content. This combination enhances AI's ability to handle intricate tasks like content enrichment. Achieving a sweet spot, it masterfully balances delicacy with scale — think better engagement and higher GMV.

Fueled by a powerhouse network of 2 million+ global contributors, Membrace's Hybrid AI never sleeps. This ensures round-the-clock operations. The learning systems evolve continuously, maintaining accuracy and adaptability despite rapid changes or growth. With rigorous QA for both AI and human contributions, the technology guarantees dependability. Moreover, Membrace's commitment to real-time AI content moderation and enrichment is particularly advantageous for large-scale enterprises, ensuring their digital marketplaces remain dynamic, responsive, and aligned with evolving customer expectations.

And these theoretical benefits are just the start — the real magic unfolds in the ecommerce trenches, delivering real results. Expect exceptional outcomes marked by precise accuracy, quick turnaround, and the ability to scale.

Eager to see how this applies in real-world scenarios? Membrace's Hybrid AI is engineered to convert the three main ecommerce product content challenges into opportunities for growth. Let's dive in to see how.

#1. The power of precision: Optimizing product descriptions

Product descriptions are not just descriptions — they're the silent salespeople, engaging, informing, convincing. On marketplaces and classifieds, the product's voice must resonate through text. Precision and richness in information are non-negotiable.

Standard AI tools like ChatGPT impress. But when it comes to the depth and flair ecommerce demands, they often stumble. They may struggle to craft detailed product descriptions or weave in brand or cultural identity.

And that's where Membrace's Hybrid AI changes the game. It goes beyond fixing grammar. The idea is to craft narratives that spotlight each product's distinct appeal. This makes every word count towards higher engagement and scalability. The result? Descriptions that not only perform well in searches but also resonate with consumers' needs and wants.

Description correction and enrichment — turning bland into specific

Membrace corrected errors and enriched description based on specifications and open-source data.

Specifications enrichment — where details dazzle

Membrace Enriched specification based on description and open-source data.

Brand detection — unmasking the unique, every time

Membrace detected item brand and helped to enrich the title and description.

#2. First impressions count: Improving image quality

A product's image is more than just a picture; it's its silent ambassador. Sharpness, detail, presentation — these aren't just image attributes; they're customer magnets, crucial for capturing attention. Any compromise on image quality can interrupt the buyer's journey, halting transactions in their tracks.

While tools like ChatGPT are good at recognizing patterns, they lack the depth needed for aesthetic judgment. Adhering to unique marketplace norms is also a challenge.

And that's where Membrace's Hybrid AI is a game-changer in image presentation. It's the fastest way to ensure every image becomes a visual invitation for the shopper. The images are clear and appealing, setting a new standard for customer engagement.

Image quality improvement — where clarity meets quality

Membrace upscaled resolution of the photo to make quality level on the line with the other offers.

Guidelines adherence — navigating marketplace norms with finesse

Membrace improved image in accordance with guidelines: uniform background, correct cropping and positioning.

Watermarks removal — unveiling the unadulterated

Membrace detected watermarks and redundant elements on the image and automatically removed it.

#3. Aesthetic mastery: Enhancing visual appeal

The true essence of a product's image goes beyond mere technical flawlessness. And distracting elements like a watermark could hamper the potential of an image to captivate.

AI tools have reshaped how we handle data and patterns. However, they usually hit a wall when it comes to enhancing aesthetics. Most AI tools need help with the subtleties of visual appeal. They also need help aligning with marketplace and consumer standards.

Membrace's Hybrid AI excels by spotting and removing these distractions. It also elevates the visual narrative of each product. It ensures the product's visual story aligns with the marketplace's brand and identity. This attention to aesthetics ensures that each listing is seen and felt. Overall, it creates a compelling visual appeal that draws customers in.

Image appropriateness evaluation — curating visuals to perfection

Membrace detected inappropriate elements on the image and automatically made corrections.

Images prioritization — spotlighting the showstoppers

Membrace prioritized images in gallery.

The future of ecommerce

The urgency to innovate is more pressing than ever. AI based content moderation is here to stay. Today, if you're not integrating advanced product enrichment solutions like Hybrid AI into your strategy, you're likely falling behind competitors who are. For those running marketplaces and classifieds, Hybrid AI is your bridge from ambitious goals to real-world wins.

  • Enhanced discoverability - Product content improvements allow customers to find products and transform browsing into an engaging journey, directly influencing their decision to purchase. Improved product discoverability also means longer browsing sessions and higher conversion rates.
  • Streamlined automation - Hybrid AI helps automate content validation and enrichment processes. This enables marketplaces to adapt to rapid changes without sacrificing quality. Such scalability is crucial for accommodating growth and managing peak traffic periods.
  • Quality customer experience - The foundation of a seamless shopping experience is better content quality and effective content moderation, ensuring that all listings are appropriate, accurate, and engaging. This fosters a trustworthy environment, encouraging repeat purchases and attracting new customers.

These improvements in engagement and scalability lead to a significant increase in GMV. That's how Hybrid AI could become the catalyst for transforming your vision into measurable growth.

Mapping the road ahead

Now, you stand at this technological crossroads, and the path forward is clear. Understandably, you have questions. After all, embracing Hybrid AI is not just an upgrade. It's a strategic overhaul that promises to unlock untapped potential within your platform. Naturally, you're wondering — what are the typical results adopters see when they embrace it? What else can Membrace's Hybrid AI achieve other than enriching product content?

We understand that knowledge is the most powerful tool. And it might help you navigate this promising yet complex landscape. We invite you to explore the depths of Hybrid AI's impact on ecommerce through our latest ebook. Arm yourself with insights to make informed decisions.

Because the future is not just about adaptation. It's about leading the charge in the new age of ecommerce content management. Grab your free ebook copy now.

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