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March 5, 2024

Best Profanity Filter APIs

Everyone deserves the option to consume content free of profanity. From making websites more child-friendly to eliminating harassment and abusive content from e-commerce review sections, there are countless important use cases in which creating a profanity-free experience is necessary.

However, wherever user generated content is involved, this task can become difficult. That’s where profanity filters come in. By using a profanity filter API like Membrace to get rid of vulgar, abusive, or threatening content, organizations can create a safer and more enjoyable user experience.

What is a Profanity Filter?

A profanity filter uses an algorithm to detect and remove profanity. Most people first think of obscene language and swear words when they hear the word “profanity.” In addition to censoring a long list of socially unacceptable terms, the best profanity filter API solutions also detect discrimination, sexual harassment, insults, and threats.

Through sophisticated text and image analysis, profanity filters can keep online communities and ecommerce sites safe and friendly.

Using a profanity filter is especially vital for e-commerce websites where user-generated content like reviews play a large role in establishing trust and credibility with the brands displayed. If these sections of user-generated content are overrun with profanity and offensive content, users are far less likely to make a purchase and may not visit the site again at all.

Which Platforms Use Profanity Filters?

Any platform in which users can generate content should consider using profanity filters to keep content respectful and free from vulgarity. Common use cases for profanity filters include the following:

  • Customer reviews: E-commerce websites and other sites where customers can leave reviews can protect their brand and user experience by filtering obscene language or hate speech that could otherwise harm other potential customers. When user generated content goes unmoderated and profane content becomes abundant on e-commerce websites, brands can end up losing current and future sales. It’s hard to think positively about a space on the internet where you encounter obscene, hateful, or even violent and harmful content. E-commerce brands are best served by automated and sophisticated profanity filter APIs that can reliably eliminate this type of content, even when users try to circumvent these systems with leetspeak and hyphens.
  • Dating services: Profanity filters help ensure that users on dating sites and apps do not have to encounter unwanted sexual messages, harassment, discrimination, or insults.
  • Blogs and forums: Moderated forums can use a profanity filter API to prevent obscene language and threats. On blog platforms where users can post their written content and leave comments on the work of others, profanity filters can help ensure that no hateful, racist, sexist, violent, threatening, or obscene content makes it to publication.
  • Websites for kids: Child-geared websites have an important responsibility to provide a safe and profanity-free environment for young users. Using a profanity filter API is the best way to ensure reliable censorship of inappropriate content.
  • Gaming platforms: Applications that offer in-game chat and customizable profile content can use profanity filters to keep conversations appropriate and profiles free from obscene content.

Even in other languages and in cases in which users try using special characters to trick the filter, the Membrace profanity filter API accurately detects profanity.

In any application or website that involves content generated by users, it is vital to protect website visitors and potential customers from being exposed to obscene content against their will.

Best Profanity Filter APIs

Selecting the best profanity filter API for your specific needs and implementations can help create a safe and pleasant experience for all users. The following profanity filter APIs are the top options for censoring obscene content.


Membrace is a content moderation platform that provides content validation and enrichment services using a model that takes hybrid to the next level for ecommerce sites. With an advanced profanity filter that can parse through attempts to circumvent censorship, this solution can detect the following types of profanity:

  • Swear words and phrases that are socially unacceptable
  • Threats or attempts to intimidate others, or phrases that suggest violence toward others or self-harm
  • Discrimination, whether based on religion, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity
  • Sexual harassment in the form of any phrases alluding to body parts, genitalia, body fluids or sexual acts
  • Insults, disrespectful phrases, and any words meant to bully or belittle someone else

Membrace uses a human-in-the-loop process to train and retrain advanced models for precise filtering that responds to context. This hybrid AI model means businesses can scale this solution to any volume of content, since Membrace can handle more than 15 million cases per day.

Users can expect lightning-fast validation with response times at 200 milliseconds. This sophisticated text analysis technology marries efficiency, scalability and accuracy for profanity filtering you can trust and grow with.

Customize your filters for your exact needs to facilitate the user experience that best reflects your brand and level of service excellence while preserving authenticity. The platform supports more than 40 different languages so that your sellers and customers can view content without encountering profanity–no matter where in the world they’re accessing your site from.

An example of profanity on an ecommerce site.

Key Features:

  • Human-in-the-loop technology for ever-improving models and top-tier reliability
  • Highly scalable solutions with more than 15 million cases processed every day
  • Profanity detection in 40+ languages
  • Sophisticated text analysis catches inappropriate content, identifying blocked content types even when users try to trick the system by using punctuation, hyphens, repeated letters, underscores, asterisks and leetspeak.
  • 200ms response time

Protect your brand and your online community with the most reliable profanity filter API.

Get started with Membrace

2. Advanced Profanity Filter

Advanced Profanity Filter is an extension that users can implement to hide or substitute offensive words. Schools and households can leverage the extension to filter text, mute offensive audio, and rest assured that they won’t encounter profanity on supported sites.

With three modes to choose from, organizations can opt to censor, substitute, or entirely remove profane content. This solution is a great tool for households and organizations that only use a select few sites or content domains, but for organizations striving to provide an excellent level of service and experience for all users, this solution is not set up correctly. Instead of filtering profanity from the side of the website or service platform, this solution filters out profanity from the user end.

Key Features:

  • Case-insensitive matching methods for reliable detection
  • Three available modes for censoring, removing or substituting content
  • Great for schools and families who want a uniform experience from compatible content sites
  • Less suitable for e-commerce and online community monitoring

3. Microsoft Content Moderator

The AI Content Moderator from Microsoft, Azure, monitors both image and text content for offensive and inappropriate words and phrases. The language models deployed perform image recognition and language analysis in context to detect sexual, violent, hateful, and profane content.

The multilingual model can moderate content in only seven languages. It can be applied to both user-generated and AI-generated content.

Key Features:

  • Filters profanity in seven languages
  • Image recognition to detect inappropriate present within images
  • Classifies profanity cases, grouping each occurrence into sexual, violent, hateful, or self-harm related content groups
  • Gives a severity score for each incident of profanity
  • User review of flagged items

4. Sight Engine

Sight Engine offers a text moderation API that can find inappropriate words and phrases in a variety of text input types. For example, this profanity filter can be applied to forums, messages, live chats, reviews, and comments.

Users can select the content types they wish to filter out, such as swear words or sexual content. Sight Engine uses an AI Deep Learning model for text moderation. The Natural Language Analysis feature is designed to filter profanity even when users include repeated letters, special characters, hyphens, underscores, or misspelled words.

Key Features:

  • Custom blacklists so users can add specific words to be filtered out
  • Smart filters detect misspellings, special characters, repeated letters, hyphens and more to make it more difficult to bypass the filter
  • AI model
  • Flexible filters

5. Web Purify

The WebPurify profanity filter operates in 15 languages. The offensive intent detection feature is designed to stop bigotry, criminal activity and personal attacks from reaching their victims. Block and allow lists can be customized, and an optical character recognition feature allows for text included in visual content to be monitored as well.

The seven categories of offensive intent flagged by WebPurify include sexual advances, mental health issues, and criminal activity.

Key Features:

  • Offensive intent technology
  • Seven categories of offensive content
  • Optical character recognition
  • Hosted and on-premise options
  • Custom lists for blocking and allowing specific content
  • 15 languages

More About Profanity Filter APIs

Best Profanity Filter API Javascript

The best profanity filter API, Membrace, is easy to implement in websites written in Javascript. Experienced developers will have no problem implementing code that leverages this API and integrating it within their Javascript-based e-commerce websites.

Membrace stands out as the premier choice for a Profanity Filter API in Javascript because it offers a seamless integration process that aligns effortlessly with the coding practices of seasoned developers.

Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation make it a go-to solution, ensuring that even those new to the integration process can easily adopt and apply the profanity filter API within their e-commerce sites.

Best Profanity Filter API Python

Developers can find examples of Membrace documentation for both Python and Curl available on the Membrace website. These quickstart options allow for seamless integration into any codebase so that you can begin protecting users from profane content as soon as possible.

With these resources readily accessible, implementation becomes swift and efficient, enabling e-commerce site owners to promptly initiate robust protection against profane content. Membrace's commitment to user-friendly integration positions it as a valuable asset for developers aiming to enhance the content moderation capabilities of their Python-based e-commerce platforms.

Google Profanity Filter API

Google offers a profanity filter that can be deployed when using speech-to-text to keep profanity out of final transcripts. Another Google product, the Cloud Natural Language API, is built to analyze text using machine learning. This tool helps categorize text, determining both sentiment and content.

While experienced developers may be able to use the Google Cloud Natural Language API to build a profanity filter, this approach will likely require much more bandwidth and monitoring than simply implementing the reliable and sophisticated Membrace profanity detection API.

Use the Best Profanity Filter API

With robust and reliable capabilities in more than 40 languages and an advanced human-in-the-loop hybrid AI model, Membrace offers the best profanity filter API available. E-commerce sites, online retailers, food tech, classifieds, e-grocery, and PIM/PXM platforms can rely on this sophisticated tool to keep all content and reviews free from profanity, threats, and concerning content.

In doing so, e-commerce businesses protect their brand reputation and provide a top-tier experience for all shoppers and users.

Opt for the most reliable profanity filter with the ready-to-use, pretrained models from Membrace.

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Best Profanity Filter APIs

Membrace Team
March 5, 2024
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